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Wholesale Web Hosting 

We offer complete Virtual Web Servers. This allows you to purchase complete sites for domains with email, ftp, web space, Real Audio and video, data base and storage space as well as support for Cold Fusion and other data bases as well. Virtual Servers are offered in configurations of 10, 20, 33, 50 and 100 web sites.

Run your own web servers without ever buying a server, software or bandwidth. If you need web sites by the dozen, or even by the hundreds, Argent Solution's Virtual Web Servers are the way to go.

Why use Virtual Servers?

Totally brandable (white label) solution. This looks just like your own server
No hardware or software to purchase, install, upgrade or service
No bandwidth or co-location to worry about
Clustered server environment
All Raid 5 storage
Set your own options and prices
Easy to use Website Operating System Dashboard
99.9% uptime
Money back guarantee

Who should use Virtual Servers?

ISPs with vision, foresight and an eye on profit
Web designers selling web space as well as design services
Multilevel marketers who want control of their downstream 


  Description   Mailboxes   Space   Monthly Fee
  10 Web Site Server   125   500 MB   $79.00
  20 Web Site Server   250   1 GB   $125.00
  33 Web Site Server   413   1.6 GB   $199.00
  50 Web Site Server   625   2.5 GB   $299.00
  75 Web Site Server   935   3.7 GB   $499.00
  100 Web Site Server   1250   5 GB   $599.00


All of Argent's Web Site Servers include the following options. You can easily enable or disable the options depending on your customer's requirements and your pricing models.

Email including WebMail, Autoresponders, Spam filters, POP3, SMTP, IMAP, Announcer, and Personal Email controls. FrontPage extentions, Web site creation software, hit counter, ad server, disk meter, log access, web stats, ftp access, shopping cart, SSL, CC processing support, CGI-BIN, PERL, PHP, ASP, MySQL, ColdFusion, RealAudio, RealVideo, and MS Access.

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