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How Does TurboGuard™ Work?

TurboGuard™ is one of the most advanced CIPA compliant Internet filtering solutions available. TurboGuard™ is Compliant with CIPA regulations without over-blocking. TurboGuard™ software Filters pornography, illegal activity, obscenity and 20 other categories. By using TurboGuard™ you can reduce your legal liability, conserve bandwidth and increase user productivity.

TurboGuard™ installs a small piece of software on each individual computer. This program forces all URL requests to check with our master servers to determine if the site should be blocked.

If the URL request contains a website that should be blocked, the request is denied and a message box pops up stating, “You have attempted to access a restricted site.” If the URL request does not meet the filtering criteria, then the end user is released from the master servers and accesses the site as quickly as possible. Since TurboGuard™ does not proxy all web traffic it is faster than the traditional off-site proxy is.

Our AIM master servers maintain a list of specific websites and IP addresses that meet the filtering criteria. This list is updated continuously. Because TurboGuard™ only blocks specific sites that have been reviewed by our human review team, over blocking is minimal.

TurboGuard™ offers today’s most advanced technology by combining the perfect balance of advanced artificial intelligence and professional human review. This patent-pending filter solution is designed specifically for high-speed network configurations.

What is AIM?

AIM is the technology behind TurboGuard™. AIM is the best technology available for today’s high-speed networks. It is fast, decisive and requires no regular maintenance.

Advanced Internet Management has been providing quality filtering for homes, schools and businesses since 1997. Argent Solutions also provides the TurboGuard™ appliance, a hardware solution for more demanding networks. 

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