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TurboDial 6.0 Accelerator Frequently Asked Questions

My username and password do not seem to work. How do I know I am using the correct ones? 
The username and password that you enter into the software MUST BE the username and password that you receive when you download the accelerator software. This is NOT the username and password provided by your ISP.  In most cases you need put in the full username followed by the domain. In the case of TurboDial, you must put in as the username.

Sometimes, when I go to the browser goes to Google Canada. How can I be sure I will always go to Google USA? 
Sometimes you will go to Google Canada because sometimes the servers you connect to are located in Canada. If you ALWAYS want to connect to servers located in the USA you can change your proxy settings as follows: Click on the TurboDial Icon in your system tray and go to: Settings > Connections > Advanced... Change the "Remote Server Hostname" to: then click OK and OK. Next click on the Icon again and click "Stop TurboDial" then again and click "Start TurboDial" Now you will always go to the Google USA site. If you ever want to go to the Google site in Canada in the future, just select 

... and if you are Canadian and you always want to be sure to get to or or whatever, just make the above change only use instead of

What system requirements are necessary to use TurboDial Web Accelerator? 
The minimum recommended system requirements for the TurboDial Web Accelerator for Windows are a Pentium 200MHz with 64MB of RAM and at least 5 MB of hard-disk space. For Mac's, you need at least a PowerPC G3 at 333MHz with 64 MB RAM and 6MB of Hard disc space. OS X 10.2 or later. 

Does TurboDial Web Accelerator speed-up email? 
TurboDial will increase your email speed by as much as 12 times both sending and receiving. TurboDial's Mac version for OS X 10.2 and higher has no effect on email. 

I downloaded the TurboDial Web Accelerator installer but now I can't find it on my computer. Where is it? 
Use the Windows Find tool located in the Start Menu to search for the file "turbodial_installer.exe" (without quotes) If you still can't find it, download it again and make sure that you save the file to your Desktop.

I'm having difficulty installing the TurboDial Web Accelerator. Where can I get additional assistance? 
Please read the FAQ list here or send email to and we will respond to your questions within 48 hours. 

How do I start the TurboDial Web Accelerator? 
The TurboDial Web Accelerator is launched automatically every time windows starts. You do not have to launch it manually. A TurboDial Web Accelerator icon appears in the Windows system tray to show that it is operating in the background. 

I know I installed the accelerator but there is still no icon in the system tray. Where did it go?

Windows has a funny habit of making system tray icons vanish. There are a number of ways to fix this, but the fastest and easiest way is to go to the Start Menu and "Log Off". Then simply log back on. This fixes most of the issues with vanishing icons. If you would like to know more about this, there is a good deal of information at

How do I change the image quality setting for a particular image? 
Right-click on the TurboDial Web Accelerator taskbar icon and select "Settings". Select the "Image Quality" tab. Adjust the slider bar to the desired image quality setting. Press OK to save the changes. 


place your mouse over the picture, right click and select "Show original image".

How do I change the image quality setting for all images? 
Right-click on the TurboDial Web Accelerator taskbar icon and select "Settings". Select the "Image Quality" tab. Adjust the slider bar to the desired image quality setting. Press OK to save the changes 

Can I use my TurboDial Web Accelerator with Netscape Navigator? 

Can I use my TurboDial Web Accelerator with other browsers such as Opera or Mozilla? 
Yes. TurboDial Web Accelerator works with any web browser that allows you to specify an HTTP proxy. You must set the HTTP proxy host to be "localhost" and the port number to be "5500" (without quotes). Consult your browser's documentation for information on how this can be done. 

Does TurboDial work with AOL? 
Not if you use the AOL version 8 or higher browser. If you minimize the AOL browser and start up IE, you will see an improvement in your speed. 

Does TurboDial Web Accelerator speed-up my secure (HTTPS) transactions such as my web-banking? 
The TurboDial Web Accelerator does not accelerate secure transactions. Secure websites will continue to work by bypassing the acceleration component.

Are there other kinds of files that are not accelerated?

Yes. Any file that is already compressed, other than some graphic files, will not be compressed or accelerated any further. If you are using TurboDial with NOW!Imaging, then some compressed graphic files will be compressed further and accelerated by interlacing their delivery to your screen.  

What platforms can TurboDial Web Accelerator be installed on? 
TurboDial Web Accelerator can be installed on any of the following operating systems: 
Windows 95b w/ Winsock2 
Windows 98 
Windows 98SE 
Windows Millennium Edition (Windows ME) 
Windows NT 4.0 
Windows 2000 
Windows XP  and VISTA
Mac OS X 10.2 and higher (only TurboDial Version 6.0.14 for Macs) 

TurboDial Web Accelerator works best with Internet Explorer 6.0 and Netscape 4.0 or any later version of either browser (Internet Explorer 7.0 is recommended). Newer versions of Microsoft Internet Explorer are available for free through Microsoft. Note for Windows 95 users: Currently, Microsoft does not permit Windows 95 users to install Internet Explorer 6 or greater, however Internet Explorer 5.5 is available. 

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