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Our acceleration software works in different ways for different kinds of ISPs. Take a moment to go over the information below. Then you will be better equiped to make your decision.

You run your own network and servers

The best option is to purchase a software license, load the acceleration software onto a server on your network and offer the acceleration software to all your users at a price of your own choosing. You will enjoy bandwidth savings due to packet compression and local caching. Your dial up customers will surf the internet up to 19 times faster and be happier. You will enjoy shorter connect times and fewer support calls.

You are a virtual ISP

The best option is to offer our hosted solution to your customers. We run the software and servers and provide you with an acceleration solution to offer your users. Here is what you get:

> Up and running in 48 hours or less
> Fully branded software
> Your own branded, Web Based Control Panel
> Windows and MAC clients
> Pop up blocker
> Ad Blocker
> Accelerated Email
> Credit Card billing is optional
> 15 day free trial
> Small set up fee

If you ever decide to purchase a license from us, we will transfer all your customers to your new server.

Call now 1-415-226-3300

You are a reseller of Internet Services

Your best solution is our affiliate program. When you have customers who are looking for an acceleration solution, simply direct them to our website. We will pay you a monthly commission on every user who signs up from your web page, for as long as they pay for the service.

If you are interested in any of our reseller programs, simply send us an email at or call 415-226-3300 or 416-451-8837.

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