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More than double the speed of any other accelerator AND the ultimate in image quality!

NOW!Imaging enhances your subscribers' browsing experience, enabling them to view higher resolution images and increasingly image-rich pages faster. Accelerating image delivery has traditionally been the challenge to enhancing Internet performance. NOW!Imaging overcomes this challenge by combining the power of SlipStream's patented image compression techniques with newly developed concurrent image delivery to render all image data on Web pages simultaneously. Fully usable Web pages appear almost immediately, while the images on the page quickly and progressively reach optimal quality as users view the page.

NOW!Imaging is powered by the new SlipStream NOW!Technology platform. NOW!Technology is based on SlipStream's core acceleration, adaptive data compression and network optimization technology, and delivers the next generation of acceleration and service to your dial, broadband and wireless subscribers.

SlipStream SP6 continues to deliver the fastest, most reliable acceleration technology, while supporting the new optional NOW!Imaging. 

Argent Solutions already delivers the fastest Web and email acceleration technology and, by deploying SlipStream with NOW!Imaging, you can now deliver an acceleration solution that's more than double the speed of any other accelerator!

NOW!Imaging delivers:

  • Concurrent, instantaneous loading of Web images 

  • Web pages that are viewable and usable almost immediately 

  • Maximum quality images loaded progressively as you view Web pages 

  • The fastest Web acceleration and highest image quality, resulting in the most satisfying online experience for dial, broadband and wireless users! 

Now you don't have to make the trade-off between image quality and speed - SlipStream delivers Web pages that are usable instantaneously, while maintaining the original quality of images! 

View NOW!Imaging demo

How Does It Work? 
Current browsers deliver Web pages, which increasingly contain more graphics, one image at a time. This can result in a frustrating Internet experience, especially over slow wireless, dial or light DSL connections, as it takes a long time for the user to see the complete page in a usable form. Web accelerators have attempted to address this problem by optimizing the amount of image data using data compression. While this compression results in faster delivery of images, the images are still rendered just one at a time, creating frustrating waits for usable pages. More importantly, the compression used by Web accelerators results in a significant sacrifice in image quality, and can require the user to manually adjust image quality settings.