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TurboDial Mobile Accelerator

Argent Solutions TurboDial Mobile Accelerator rises to the challenge
TurboDial MSP has been designed to meet the complex challenges that face all mobile service providers (MSPs) worldwide. Whether they have 2, 2.5 or 3G networks, their challenges are the same:

  • Concurrent, instantaneous loading of Web images 

  • Web pages that are viewable and usable almost immediately 

The TurboDial mobility solution meets these challenges by delivering the best end-user experience in the market, superior network compression over the broadest range of data types / content and dynamic protocol optimization.

Best Subscriber Experience Guaranteed with 2x the Performance of Any Alternative

With TurboDial MSP, end-users experience the fastest download time available as confirmed by recent independent testing. A reliable and consistent Quality of Service (QoS) regardless of cell or user location is guaranteed, even in poor RF conditions and across all network generations (2, 2.5 and 3G). And, TurboDial MSP supports the widest range of mobile devices (laptops, handsets, SmartPhones and PDAs) ensuring all users in a network can have access to the best performance possible.

TurboDial MSP Unique Client Advantages:

  • Supports the widest range of Mobile Devices (laptops, handsets, Smartphones and PDAs) so mobile operators can offer their services to the widest reach of subscribers possible. 

  • Brandable, Universal Browser- The SlipStream Java MicroBrowser provides you with the flexibility to offer all of your mobile users the power to browse the entire Internet across a broad range of Java supported handsets. 

  • Proven Client Software experience- With over 2200 service provider customers, SlipStream's client software is renowned for being the easiest-to-install in the market. Deploying TurboDial MSP technology and value-added services is quick and painless. Lightweight (e.g., a SmartPhone client is only 350 KB to download) and self-extracting, the TurboDial client can be distributed from a providers' Web site and users can be up and running in minutes. 

  • Easy to brand Client Screens- TurboDial MSP makes custom branding quick and easy ensuring that an MSP's brand is always front and center with their subscribers. 

  • Customization Kit - Multiple Languages TurboDial clients come with generic translation in all major languages (English, French, German, Italian, Spanish, Portuguese and Chinese) to ensure client acceptance in all regions. Service providers can also use the Client Customization Kit for specific language or text customizations.