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TurboDial 6.0: Web and Email Accelerator By SlipStream

Argent Solutions' TurboDial software speeds up your Internet connection from 7 to 19 times normal speed. It speeds up your email download as much as 1200%! All Dial-up users will find that their web surfing experience is significantly enhanced by the addition of this software to their PC. Your ability to block Popups and Ads that are pushed to you, means you don't have to wait for all that extra information to download. 

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NOW!Imaging: Image-rich pages faster By SlipStream

NOW!Imaging enhances your subscribers' browsing experience, enabling them to view higher resolution images and increasingly image-rich pages faster. Accelerating image delivery has traditionally been the challenge to enhancing Internet performance. NOW!Imaging overcomes this challenge by combining the power of SlipStream's patented image compression techniques with newly developed concurrent image delivery to render all image data on Web pages simultaneously. Fully usable Web pages appear almost immediately, while the images on the page quickly and progressively reach optimal quality as users view the page. 

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XoftSpySE: Antispyware By Pareto Logic

This product has been discontinued.

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Parental Controls: Filtering & Security Suits By Netsweeper

NetSweeper products are fused with a single purpose - to be the best content filtering system available in the world. With expert solution developers, resellers and strategic partners around the world, and an R&D roadmap spanning past 2010, our products will continue to dominate existing and new markets so as to provide unprecedented control of the Internet. 

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