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All about how our 15 day free trial works

When you click on the "Try it" or "Buy it" link on the web page, you will go to our sign up page at Here you will be asked for some general information. A credit card is required to validate this information. Within one minute, you will be emailed a username, password and download site for the software.

Please be sure to use a real email address when you sign up. The email address is where we send all your information. (If you use a SPAM BLOCKER, please be sure to watch for our email. It comes from a machine, so your software may block it or put it in your "grey" mailbox.)

We will not bill your credit card for 15 days. During those 15 days, please feel free to use the software every day as much as you like. If you would like to cancel any time during that 15 day period, just email telling us you would like to cancel. When we get your email, we will cancel your account. The software will stop working and your credit card will NOT be charged. If you would also tell us why, it would be helpful to us. Please bookmark this site so you remember how to reach us. 

If you like the software and you want to keep using it, you need do nothing at all. After 15 days we will charge your credit card $4.95. Each month we will charge $4.95 on the same day. You may cancel anytime by simply sending us an email to When you send us email, please identify yourself by using the same name that you signed up with.
If you have any other questions please email

Thank you for testing our TurboDial accelerator.

Description  Price
Monthly Subscription $4.95
Annual Subscription $49.95
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