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KeyDrive2 Encryption Tools

KeyDrive PRO and KeyDrive2 provide Authenticated Drive Encryption for Notebooks, Desktops and Networks.

KeyDrive Pro is an advanced disk encryption tool designed for the static and Mobil users of corporate customers. It offers highly secure yet completely transparent two-factor security for all applications and data stored on protected notebooks or desktop computers. 

KeyDrive creates an encrypted virtual drive on your notebook and PC. This drive can only be viewed by the insertion, into a USB port, of a key, which has been authenticated with a user PIN during the initial set up. Insert the key, type in your PIN and view the drive. Files can be read, saved, copied and deleted as with any other drive. Remove the key and the drive disappears. It's that simple! 

Central administration control and installation gives companies total control over access and security for all corporate information. 

KeyDrive2 has the same levels of security as KeyDrive PRO but is designed for use as a stand-alone application. 

Key Benefits

Data remains encrypted at all times... even while being used!
Blindingly fast encryption... no delays
Supports up to 10 GigaByte encrypted drive size
Choice of encryption algorithm (DES-56, Blowfish, IDEA, CAST, Triple-DES)
KeyDrive can be a local drive, network drive or even on the Internet
Secure Notepad included - Really keep those secrets safe!
Free lifetime technical support

  Description   Initial Investment   Annual Service Fee
  KeyDrivePro Admin & 1 User License   USD $238.56   USD $41.75
  Additional License / Token 2-10   USD $161.27   USD $28.22
  Additional License / Token 11-25   USD $151.25   USD $26.47
  KeyDrive2 Single License   USD $142.18   USD $24.88
  Additional License / Token 2- 50   USD $ 131.69   USD $23.05
  Additional License / Token 51-100   USD $ 121.67   USD $ 21.29
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