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The Adwise BRITE Solution 

Adwise offers the BRITE solution, a comprehensive and proprietary messaging solution designed for Internet Service Providers (ISPs) and Competitive Local Exchange Carriers (CLECs). The core components of the BRITE solution provide messaging service capabilities and intelligent real-time behavioral targeting. Relevant messages are presented to the relevant subscribers at the appropriate time. In addition, the BRITE solution enables the Internet provider to gain a real time campaign performance analysis, useful for future message planning purposes. Because the analysis is constructed on real time information which is neither collected nor saved, Adwise is able to respect and maintain user privacy. 

Adwise BRITE Decision Taker: 

Adwise performs unique real-time targeting based on our patented BRITE (Behavioral Real-Time Innovative Targeting Engine) software. The Adwise BRITE engine studies a user's browsing habits on a continuous real-time basis and fine-tunes the targeting for accuracy. As the process is completed on a real time basis, user privacy is completely enforced. 

Adwise BRITE Campaign Manager: 

The Adwise BRITE Campaign Manager provides an intuitive Internet-based graphical campaign management and reporting interface. This interface provides campaign managers and advertisers with the ability to tailor a specific advertising campaign that distributes rich-media to a set of defined users based on specific targeting profile criteria. The Adwise BRITE Campaign Manager also comes with built-in authorization mechanisms that allow a company to delegate administrative roles and responsibilities.

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