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Corporate Credentials 

Argent Solutions is a group of highly experienced sales and marketing professionals, working together to provide cost saving and revenue producing IT and Communications solutions for businesses, ISPs, and Telecommunications companies. With over 30 years of service in these industries, we strive to provide a single point of contact for products and resources that increase revenue and market share in each of these respective industries. 

We represent a number of select corporations throughout North America, and present their products and services to a specific set of target markets reaching from Canada and the USA, to England, Indonesia and Eastern Europe. Prior to offering any products or services, we do a great deal of due diligence and analysis. This process ensures that each of the products we represent performs solidly, and has the ability to create a new revenue stream and/or has the ability to reduce overall costs for your organization.

Established in 2001, we continue to grow our business in each of these industries. With over 1,200 customers, either direct or through our partners, we strive to provide value added services to those who focus on IT and Communication solutions, increasing revenues or reducing overall costs to their organizations.